Costs and billing

Cheap conference calls –
easy, fast and professional

Begin your value-for-money conference call with easyAudio quickly and easily, at no risk to you.
Benefit from our simple rate: one all-inclusive price per minute. For this you will get the
best conference call quality available on the market today.

Conference calling with no hidden costs:

  • Only 5 p/min (incl. VAT) per participant from a UK landline
  • No set-up or subscription fees
  • Charging by the minute. Each participant pays their own costs.
  • No contracts, no separate invoice – the charges are included on your normal telephone bill

Our guarantee: you will not incur any additional costs.
The fees for the telephone call are included in the price per minute.

How it works:

costs-billing-conf-callsDiagram of the allocation of costs of an easyAudio conference call.

We set up your own personal conference room for you free of charge. Costs are only incurred once you or your participants dial in to the conference room. The telephone number for dialling in is a low-rate service call number costing only 5 p/min. from UK landlines. Each participant’s costs for the conference call are shown on his or her usual telephone bill.

Participants from other countries within Europe, e.g. Germany or France, benefit from country-specific, value-for-money service numbers, but the principle of sharing the conference call costs between all participants remains the same. Further information on all countries and dial-in numbers can be found under
International conference calling.